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Vision and Scanning Systems

Cameron Automation Rip-One

The Rip-One

The Cameron Automation Rip-One is a complete lumber scanning, optimization, and gang ripping work cell designed for smaller shops. It increases productivity dramatically by transforming gang ripping into a single person operation. This is achieved by incorporating an inexpensive but extremely powerful high resolution 3D scanning system.



The Opti-Match is the only machine to completely automate the color matching process for high quality solid wood panels. The Opti-Match:

  • Combines Innovative Scanning and Sorting Technology to Read and Catalog Pieces of Wood
  • Uses Complex Computer Programs to Build and Stack Sized, color matched, and color blended panels, automatically
  • Completely Eliminates the Labor Intensive and Subjective Job of Manual Color Matching
  • Increase Yield by Consistently Sizing Panels to Within 1/4"

With a production Level of approximately 1200 Panels per day (assuming 5 to 7 boards per panel), you can substitute the Opti-Match for 3+ men hand sizing panels.