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Cameron Products

Our Cameron Automation division builds machinery for automating and improving on some of your mill processes.

Cameron Automation, located in Poughkeepsie, NY, is a division of the James L. Taylor Mfg. Co. In an effort to service customers and the industry better, Cameron Automation was developed in January 2002 to focus on the development of high tech machinery for the wood working industry. While the company is new, the reputation and roots of this division have been firmly planted for many years.

Gang Ripping

Cameron Automation offers a wide array of gang ripping options for your Rough Mill.

Advantages of a Cameron Machine:

  • Increase in Yield due to Auto-Skewing Bent and Crooked Boards
  • Cutting Edge Software Written in House
  • The Right Sized System to fit your Mill
  • Best Value in the Industry

Flooring Nester

We have taken proven technology from our Opti-Sizer (1986), and our Opti-Match (2005) to develop a machine unlike any other. Random flooring strips are fed in one end and nested bundles are produced at the other end.


  • Eliminates Repetitive Manual Labor
  • Controls Square Footage in Each Bundle
  • Produces More Even Bundles
  • Tallies Material Automatically

Quick Chop Plus- #611A

The Quick Chop is a Complete and Affordable Push Feed Chop Saw Optimization System.

  • Full Chop Optimizing Software with Cut List Importing Capabilities and Production Tallying
  • Crayon Marking for Defects
  • Accuracy as Low as +/- 0.010 in.
  • Welded Frame Allows the Quick Chop to Shipped Set-up, so your Up and Running in (1) day or less

Panel Layup and Color Matching

Taylor Manufacturing and Cameron Automation have developed the technology to save raw material and labor, while creating consistent sized and color matched panels at a high production rate. The Taylor Opti-Sizer and Cameron Opti-Match:

  • Use Computer Software, written in House, to Size and Color Match (Opti-Match only) Panels more Consistently than a human
  • Innovative Designs Allow the Machines to Operate at a High Production Level, sometimes Replacing Multiple People
  • Backed by the Industries Leading Service and Technical Team